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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soup du Jour

Another excerpt from our 1986 England Journal  We had struggled to find a B&B that evening and we were tired and hungry as we started off walking into downtown Yeovil.

It was indeed a lengthy walk into town and I was very grateful that I had had the presence of mind earlier in the day to have that big piece of chocolate walnut torte.  We walked through the equivalents of Auto Row, low-income housing, Aurora Avenue and more before we finally got into the town center.  The Tudor Restaurant, recommended to us by our B&B hostess, just happened to be the first one we found, for which we were grateful.

It was a weeknight and the restaurant was quite small so we were the only customers for the first half hour.  We were seated with many flourishes and a passable “buena sera” by the proprietor.  We soon realized that we were to be guinea pigs for the bar boy’s first attempt at waiting table.  He was very shy and quite unsure of himself, he rattled glasses and dropped silverware, he couldn’t even look Amy in the eye.  We were very patient and kind to him and we were trying very hard not to laugh.  It was a lost cause however when I asked him what the soup du jour was and he replied quite innocently, “I don’t know, it changes every day.”  That set us off with an attack of furtive giggles that lasted all night.

Although the restaurant is no longer there (it is now Cheong's Chinese Takeaway) , I feel I should say that it was a lovely meal, and the walk home was much cheerier and shorter than the walk there had been.

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