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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Liverpool FC

Over the last three years I have gradually been drawn into the world of International soccer, in particular the English Premier League.  After watching all 64 games of the World Cup last year, it became clear that supporting the English National Team was not going to be a particularly fulfilling use of my time or emotions.  And so I began a search for the team that would win my heart.  I had been told that unlike most things, when you gave your heart to an English soccer team you were in it for life, so I took it quite seriously.

I watched countless games on Fox Soccer Channel and read half a dozen books, starting with Nick Hornsby’s “Fever Pitch”, arguably the best soccer book written.  Slowly, but surely, I began eliminating teams.  Chelsea, while blessed with the lovely Chelsea Blue, felt like the Yankees to me – all vain, pretty boys making way too much money and looking to be in the papers for their amorous adventures.  Manchester United, the last thing they need is more fans, and while appreciating the talents of Wayne Rooney I found him unlikable, which is also true for the brilliant but sour-faced, gum-smacking, Sir Alec. I had nothing against Manchester City in particular, but I couldn’t connect in any way either.  Arsenal…a great working class team with a great history, but again, I just didn’t connect.

Your trivia bit for the day...this is a liver bird, symbol of LFC and the city, and an iconic feature of many important Liverpool buildings - most notably the Liver Building.  It is not pronounced as in 'river' or 'liver', but as in 'driver' and there is no certainty as to which bird it is supposed to represent.  There are two large bronze liver birds on the Liver Building as it sits on the waterfront and there is a story that the birds will come alive if a truly pure woman walks between them...an perfect example of the Liverpudlian humor.

Finally, I turned to Liverpool, a team with an incredible history – both wonderful and horrendous, but who had been struggling recently.  The more I read about them, the more I was intrigued.  And then, along came Kenny Dalglish, a charismatic Scot who had both played and managed Liverpool in the past (and there is a fascinating story in all that) and was returning to manage them again.  It took me several weeks to realize that one of his attractions to me was a certain resemblance in face and manner to my ex-husband in those early days to which I can still look back with great affection.

I think what finally clinched it for me was the first time I heard the crowd of 40,000 plus singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as they do each game.  I have known the song forever, I can even describe the sheet music (it was lavender, with a woman in a gown walking down a romantically-lit aisle) from which my brother and I played and sang many, many years ago.  I tear up every time it happens and I am always slightly embarrassed – sitting alone watching my TV and getting all emotional about a song I sang so many years ago and didn’t particularly like at the time (never could hit the high notes).

Today I had one of those ‘duh’ moments, when I realized what it was.  My high school years were blessed with a nationally recognized football team that was undefeated in 50 games.  Standing in the stands at the end of every game we sang our Alma Mater, a traditional sappy one at that.  But I will never forget, at the end of what could have been the 51st game, singing it with all my heart and tears rolling down my face.  There is no doubt in my mind that is the emotional connection there.

In spite of Man U’s brilliant success recently, no other team has the history and glory that Liverpool has known.  It is worth getting up at 5: every Saturday morning to watch the live games – win or loose.  YNWA

(Get it?  YNWA....You'll Never Walk Alone)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Business is Business

We all understand "buy high, sell low" is a business basic.  Even if we have no intention of selling for a profit, when we buy something which we know is worth a great deal more than we are paying, we are participating in this concept, if only in our imagination.  I once bought a lovely etching for $85, hung it over my desk for four years and then sold it for the amazing amount of $1600 in Charleston - pretty much paid for my trip.  I was thrilled and quite surprised at its value.  In fact, I suspect I could have gotten a few hundred more if I had been willing to shop it around.  What I DID NOT do, was go back to the seller and wave the $1515 under their nose.

There is nothing more irritating to me, as I clean up and catalog a new postcard to find that the card I have just paid $3 for was purchased by the dealer for 25p (that is about 40 cents!)  I don't even want to calculate the mark-up which that represents.  All I ask is that for this amazing profit, they at least do me the courtesy of taking 15 seconds to erase the price they paid from the back.  Is that really asking too much?

I know, I know...Business is Business.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I told you...

I said this blog was not going to be an everyday thing, it's not like I didn't warn you.  But I will admit, this post has been a bit long in coming and it's not even a real post, more like an apology.  No one wants to be bored with details, but my excuses (oh yes, I have more than one), in a nutshell, are... software issues, camera issues, dental issues, and a massive craft project.  I shall amuse and/or amaze you all with some REAL posts in the very near future.

Oh, I forgot one more excuse...a massive fascination with international soccer (football) that has resulted in countless hours in front of the TV.