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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super and Not-so-Super

Just a few comments on the game…actually on the production.  The game itself was pretty good, as Super Bowl games go.  Great to have a Super Bowl game that kept you interested til the very end.

For those of us watching on a ‘normal’ sized television:  What idiot thought it was alright to have both teams in yellow pants.  With all the black print on the white shirts and all the white print on the black shirts, watching was visually exhausting on the overhead shots.

This was a football game...sport.  Why did we have to watch thirty minutes of patriotism first, and not one but two poorly done patriotic songs?  Was it a Texas thing?

The team introductions by Sam Elliott were brilliant, as were several other features – the ones that were about football, that is.

There were some wonderful second half ads, but the first half ads were pretty lame.  Makes me wonder, do they pay more for the second half?

I really have nothing good to say about the half-time…pretty much boring.

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