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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Losing is Not an Option

I have had it with that phrase.  I am done with it.  What world do you people live in?

Losing is ALWAYS an option.  And it seems to me I always hear it from people under the age of 30.  Once you have worked your ass off for a company and had it close its doors, once you have given a spouse everything you had to give and still wound up divorced, once you have watched someone fight for their life against cancer and succumb…you know losing is ALWAYS an option.  Thinking otherwise is going through life with your eyes closed.

Tell me you are giving it everything you’ve got; tell me you’ve worked, prayed, practiced, studied and are wearing your lucky socks.  Just don’t tell me losing is not an option.

***and besides….everytime a contestant on Dancing with the Stars or Top Chef says it, they are always the next one out.

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  1. I agree with your post about loosing, especially when it comes to neckties and bodices. Same goes for losing. Want to get a beer with me down in Bothell soon?