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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day!

I am living proof that you never outgrow Snow Days. Unemployed/retired for nearly three years and out of school for years beyond counting, Snow Days still never fail to thrill...even though they make no real difference to my daily life whatsoever. Unless I have neglected to stock up on groceries when the TV weathermen start their doom and gloom in advance of what usually turns out to be half a dozen picturesque flakes that fall unerringly during the evening commute, then it makes a difference.

In a effort to remain functional for as long as possible, I try to chip away a little at all my chores, tasks, and projects each day. For the most part, I have been quite successful at it and so my laundry is usually caught up, my sink is empty of dirty dishes, my sewing machine is warm, and postcards continue to be sorted and logged. I may have projects midstream on every table in my condo, but I make a little progress on each one every day. It is not unusual for me to go two days without home -  I keep busy, and therefore, relatively happy.

But as soon as the parking lot turnss white, my mind declares a Snow Day. I have nowhere to go, but I am thrilled to have an excuse for not going there. So I have spent most of the last two days doing jigsaw puzzles. And if the weathermen are right, I will get a couple more done in the next two days. Yippee!

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