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Friday, February 28, 2014

Chelsworth, Suffolk

Next on our little loop through Suffolk Villages is Chelsworth - as small (if not smaller) and as colorful as Kersey, and with as little to comment upon.  It sits on the River Brett so it is blessed with such things as quaint green rowboats, footbridges & willows, and swans.

We were greeted by the typical East Anglian village sign sporting - what else - an English Robin...

 And a patch of English Bluebells....

And a 400 year old pub...

But the best thing about Chelsworth is that the entrance to the 14th & 15th century All Saints Church is through someone's front garden. Now that's a village I could be happy in.

I know it's the wrong part of England and I know their boat was blue, but I kept
expecting to see Ratty & Mole come tripping down to the boat, picnic basket in hand.

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