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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

System Fail

Many years ago, when the cartilage in my knees started going, I developed a concentrated effort to minimize my traffic around the house. By the time my knees were all-metal and painless, I had developed hip & back problems so my efforts continued. I now have an almost unconscious system in place where I never go from room to room empty-handed and there are recognizable 'stations' where things are placed waiting to be shuttled closer to where they belong.

For the most part, this system works brilliantly, only occasionally resulting in unsightly build-ups on the end of my sofa or the ironing board in the studio.

Lately I have noticed what can only be described as an epidemic of brainfarts in my system. I would like to ascribe this to a system working so smoothly that I have stopped even thinking about it.

In reality, I am afraid it's simply a case of my ability to multi-task fading...how else can you explain my arriving at my computer desk this morning expecting to settle down with a fresh cup of coffee, a newly microwaved heating pad, and a banana...and instead finding myself with coffee, heating pad, & a can of garbanzo beans?

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