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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Betty's at Last

It took two and a half weeks, but we have now reached York...and Bettys, Bettys Tea Shops that is. There are two of them in York, two more in Harrogate (where we go next), one in Ilkley, and one in Northallerton. On this trip, we won't visit all of them, although, after last night's meal I wouldn't have any trouble convincing my daughter and son-in-law to change our itinerary to that effect. My son-in-law was expecting tea and scones, white linen napkins, gorgeous fruit tarts, layered chocolate, and the chatter of women's voices. He found all of these at Bettys, but he also found rosti and caramelized onion chutney.

As I walked into St Helen's Square in York, the sun suddenly broke through and shone directly on Betty's. I'm not making that up, it really did.

With the tinkling piano playing "Tea for Two" in the background (I'm not making that up either) we were waited on by a lovely woman with 33 years of service under her belt. By the time we were ready to share a dessert, we pretty much left the details up to her. 

Our waitress, deep in concentration, scanning the room to make sure that all her customers were well taken care of. 

More than enough for the three of us - chocolate and raspberry torte with raspberry coulis, mixed fruit and cream.
Today, the kids will be visiting the Jorvik Center and Barley Hall and I will be wandering around Stonegate and the Shambles. They'll be getting a taste of historical York and I will be spending money and taking pictures - but we'll meet up late this afternoon at Betty's. We'll all be having rosti's again, that's for certain, but the jury is still out on what we'll have for dessert.

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