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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Timing is Everything

My Mom had a rule for unacceptable conversation at the dinner table known as 'The Four D's' -  dirt, disease, death, and dentistry. It was not a joke, and in truth it pretty well eliminated distasteful topics. Well this entry is going to address two of them, disease and dentistry. But don't worry if you happen to be munching on something at the moment, there will be no details...

I have a collection of photos taken on previous trips to England that highlight the numbers 1 through 30. They are sent as daily emails marking the countdown to someone's upcoming trip to Old Blighty, so I began sending them on the 9th of April to my daughter and son-in-law in anticipation of our next big adventure. These daily missives are meant to be reminders that you need to be finishing up your itinerary, buying a few new outfits, getting your nails done, and doing all the fun little things you must do before you head to the airport.

Somewhere in London
When this one went out I was incapacitated with my first ever attack of sciatica - which made walking extremely painful.

Entrance to Winchester Cathedral Close
When this one was sent I was sitting in the dentist chair with a painful toothache of mysterious causes.

Tintagel in Cornwall
This one marked the day we started fitting my new upper partial plate - a process fraught with trial & error pain. You guessed it, my old one broke.

Jane Austen's last house in Winchester
This one went out today. After a three vicodin night, I'm on my way to the oral surgeon to see if he will pull the bad tooth this close to a flight. If not, I don't even know what my options might be...but none of them will be good. (I could have saved  lot of gas money if I had just pitched a tent in my dentist's parking lot)

Market Day in the Cotswolds
I can only pray I will be walking and chewing by the time this one goes out.

Canal Boat
Yes, timing is everything. No denying it, my timing on the lead-up to this trip has been dreadful, but when this one goes out - come hell or high water - I will heading to the airport.  I hope it will be with pretty toenails, a new haircut, a suitcase full of new clothes, and a detailed itinerary...but if not, I have a bottle of vicodin and a cane.

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