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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheese, Beautiful Cheese

All the guide books say you must visit Neal's Yard Dairy. I couldn't agree more. Neal's yard is little more than a small lane painted up  in colors that are guaranteed to cheer. Lots of art and lots of organic.

But the real reason to go is the Diary...the cheese. It's a small shop with three very congenial cheesemongers. Just being waited on is an education in the science of cheese, the samples come fast and generous. They have nothing but artisanal cheese and some is made at the dairy itself. Prices range from £4.95 to £47.95.  The place just reeks of cheese...for the first three minutes and then you cease to notice. Just take a good look...

We took home a Brie and a Cheddar, we bought a package of crackers and an apple at the mini Tesco across the street, and we ate in.

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  1. Dairy spelling. But a great blog, thanks for sharing.