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Thursday, September 18, 2014

365 Photo Challenge - August

Much like the February Fabric challenge, I didn't need to leave the house to find plenty of subject matter for Ceramic. In truth, I probably could do an entire 365 of ceramic without leaving my house. As a serial collector I was able to do my month without even unpacking the balance of my miniature shoe, or salt shaker, or little English cottage, or reamer collections.

Aside from my various collections, I have a fondness for small bowls. Where else am I going to put all those bits and bobs I can't seem to part with.

A few of my brass bits in one of my collection of Scott MacDowell pieces

It did give me a nice opportunity to add to my Squircle Flickr Group. What the heck is a Squircle you ask? It's a squared circle...and I promise more on Squircles at a later date. If you can't wait check out my Flickr Squircle album.

Squircles from the August challenge

Ceramics need dusting, and they break, but even broken they are lovely things.

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