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Monday, September 8, 2014

365 Photo Challenge - June

It seems that each month I start the new subject with an expectation that quickly gets turned on its head. I thought the subject "Sky" would be really difficult. In a way it was, but only by being too easy. I'll try to make sense of that convoluted statement...

Sky is everywhere - you needn't even go outside, just step to the nearest window - which makes it easy. Sky is everywhere - how on earth does one decide which part of sky to photograph - which makes it hard. If you don't have a tree or a building or a kite you have no sense of scale. If there are no clouds (I live in Washington State - grey skies are normal here) then the picture becomes about the tree or the building or the kite rather than the sky.

Fortunately, June in Washington does provide a lot of 'blue sky with clouds' days so I had enough opportunities. Towards the end of the month I traveled to Montana, the Big Sky Country and I was overwhelmed with sky!

All of the previous monthly subjects were chosen because I had some interest in them. In all honesty, the only interest I had in 'Sky' related to my need for a jacket or an umbrella. Vapor trails hold a new fascination for me now, as do the countless building cranes reaching up so optimistically. I still know little or nothing about clouds, but I can say with certainty that I do look up now with a whole new appreciation for all the amazing cloud formations - and here in Washington...all the Shades of Grey.

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