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Monday, September 8, 2014

365 Photo Challenge - July

July...picnics, farmer's markets, fruit and vegetables literally ripening all around you. What could make for an easier or more enjoyable subject. Very few of the foods I photographed were on my health-limited diet but with the artsy-fartsy excuse of a 365 photo challenge I was able to at least have a few bites of such blessings as Kathy's lighter than air scones with clotted cream & jam...chips with my 'full English' at the Three Lions...a cheese danish at Starbucks.  All in the name of art of course.

I now understand why such a thing as a 'food stylist' exists. More than once I found myself in front of a plate with heavenly aromas - but muddy colors and woeful design. I did manage to get my grapes to glisten and for color you can't go wrong in a farmer's market.

It was a little embarrassing pulling out my camera in a restaurant, but it was fun watching the look of alarm when I did it at a friend's house.

Special thanks to the Yakima Market in Bothell for being my fall-back location.

And gratitude to the Duffy Girls for the joy of a Champagne Tea in the sunshine.

All things considered, this was probably my least successful subject so far, but I sure enjoyed working on it!

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