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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Teapot Cottage

Sometimes a miniature scene is created from an inspiration. My Cornish cottage was the result of my fondness for the cob cottages and all the bits that speak of Cornwall and the sea. Teapot Cottage was quite simply the result of too many teapots!

I had a tea tray that had already been upcycled once as a frame so I put down some stone, brick & bits of grass & weed and I was ready to go. Trees, shrubs, and flower beds followed with all the necessary accessories to an English garden - Gnome, pheasant, birdhouse, and climbing vine.

I filled the cottage itself with some of the best pots and a little greenery. I confess I had plans to paper the inside and add the odd little sign such as "We Ship to US" or "Ask to See the Emma Bridgewater Range" but I was working on a deadline and those plans went by the wayside. I'm not likely to ever paint or paper the inside, but the signs may show up eventually.

Just barely managed to fit all the teapots in...
Tea in the garden with scones, jam, & clotted cream - perhaps a few more pastries, and the obligatory tea sandwiches. The food was rushed to me direct from England by Lucy and Gillian of the Etsy shop
Abasketof  here.

Looking at this now, I realize I should have put tea in the cups!
So I made my deadline, and used up my teapots.

What is next you ask? Well, I'm giving some thought to a small corner vignette, a young English boys desk...fish & chips, homework, and lots of football (by which I mean soccer) memorabilia - Liverpool, of course.

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