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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Men ARE different...

Recently I was part of a group gathering at a pub to watch a football/soccer game. There were five women and about  15 men present although I was seated alone.

This pub serves a really delicious Beet Salad and I never pass an opportunity to have one...lots of greens, sliced beets, fresh orange bits, feta cheese, & candied walnuts with a beet vinaigrette. It's a little bit messy, but as good for you as it is good tasting, which is something to be treasured in a British themed pub.

After the game, before I left, I had perfectly normal conversations of several minutes duration each, with four different men. When I got into my car and glanced into the rear-view mirror I was horrified to discover I had a big spot of beet juice right on the tip of my nose.

Not one of those men had the nerve  consideration   kindness whatever to tell me. Were they just too embarrassed? Did they have a right good laugh after I left? I know they noticed it - it was right on the end of my nose for Pete's sake!

I think too highly of them all to be offended. Nevertheless, I know any one of the women there would have told me.

I'm just saying, men ARE different...

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  1. Great story. Yes, men ARE different. A woman would have instantly told you or maybe reached over with a tissue or handed you one.